1. int. living room – early evening

ORION walks across the living room of his house, sits in his recliner, puts his feet up and turns on the Earth TV. His house resembles a constellation map with stars connected like a dot-to-dot puzzle by thin, white lines. The furniture in the room is much the same, with a splash of Milky Way and other nebulous color and form. Orion flips through a couple of channels until finding the one he is looking for. With a satisfied look on his face, he opens up a beer and takes a sip. The GAME ANNOUNCER is heard in the background.



… throws the puck tape-to-tape to Miller. Miller carries through the neutral zone and passes cross-ice to Sullivan. Sullivan into the zone, Morris tries to stand him up at the blue line, but Sullivan makes the self-pass off the boards and immediately passes to Miller, driving the net. He shoots he scores! What a beautiful go-


The Earth TV suddenly goes dark, and Orion pops up out of the chair with a frantic look on his face.



Oh, come on! Son of a bitch! Not now!


Orion quickly goes to the Earth TV and smacks at the side while inspecting the screen. Nothing.



No, no, no, no, no. Come on!

Orion inspects the cord. He follows it to the outlet, unplugs and plugs it back in. Nothing, The Earth TV is still dark. He grows more frantic. He turns and grabs the yellow pages from under the table next to the recliner. He sets it on the table and begins flipping through pages like a mad man.



Tax Preparers, Technical Schools, Tractor Sales, Ah! TV repair!


Orion’s finger settles on a large repair ad labelled Gemini TV Repair, which touts call out service within the hour. He picks up the cordless phone and dials


  1. int. living room – evening

Orion is pacing back and forth when he hears the doorbell. He moves with purpose to the door and opens it up to find POLLUX, the TV Repairman



Thank God you’re here Pal. This is a huge game, and I don’t want to miss it.



No problem. Let’s see what we can do.


Orion walks the repairman over to the TV. The repairman sets his toolbox on the floor, gives a quick look at the outside, and then opens up the Earth TV which divides hemispherically.



Well, here’s your problem, buddy. Sun done burned out.


Pollux reaches inside and his hand and arm can be seen flying through space past all of the planets. He grabs the dark sun and unscrews it like a light bulb. He reaches into to his tool box pulls out a new one and sticks the burned out one in the box. He reaches back inside, and with the same light bulb like motion, installs the sun. He removes his hand, closes the TV up, and hits the power button. It comes back on. Orion looks visibly relieved.



Beautiful! Thank you so much!



No trouble, buddy. Glad I could help.

Pollux hands Orion an invoice, and Orion escorts Pollux to the door. He opens it, let’s Pollux out and closes the door behind him.


  1. int. living room – evening

Orion rushes back to the recliner, and settles back in to watch the game. There is a relieved smile on his face as he puts his feet up and grabs his beer. The camera trucks out, and as it does so, a meteor is plainly seen hurtling into the satellite dish on Orion’s rooftop with a loud bang. TV static is heard.





Camera continues trucking out while audio and video fade to black.

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