“CAMEL Cowboy”


John Hicks

18 Massapoag St.

Weymouth, MA  02190


FAde In:

EXT. persian gulf state desert corral – late afternoon

MARID, a young-adult Arab male wearing his traditional white robe, and red and white headdress combined with a pair of dusty brown cowboy boots and a straw-colored cattleman style cowboy hat stands next to a wood post fence in a desert corral.


Marid twirls a lariat overhead. He releases suddenly, and the rope catches the long neck of the recently-caught wild CAMEL.


The camel tries to evade. Marid lets out slack and keeps the camel running in hopes of tiring him out. Within the corral, there’s nowhere for the camel to go.


The camel tires and slows to a stop. Marid approaches slowly. The camel notices Marid drawing near and starts to sprint away, bucking awkwardly as if to say “back off!”


The camel moves to the fence, the farthest distance he can, and stops. Marid slinks toward the camel with extremely slow and deliberate movements. He gets within six feet before the camel notices and takes off again.


The camel settles near the center of the corral. Marid inches toward him once again. He slowly puts his hand on the camels neck. Though tentative, the camel is tired and allows Marid to calmly rub his neck.


Without warning, Marid makes his move. He flings himself up on the camel’s back. The camel, terrified, begins to buck. Marid tries to hold on but is thrown to the dusty ground.


EXT. persian gulf state desert corral – late afternoon



Marid stands whincing. He puts a hand on his shoulder and rotates it for a moment. He cracks his neck and spits the juice from a chewing-tobacco like substance while dusting off his once snow-white robe.


He walks back to the camel again, this time less sneakily. He swiftly jumps back on the camels back. The camel bucks violently again, but tires very quickly. Marid holds on tightly.


The camel settles and looks back at Marid with his head lowered, acknowledging he has broken.


Marid jumps down and sweetly pats the camel’s face. He lights up a cigaretter, and tilts the pack, of Camel no less, toward the camel with a single cigarette extending out.


The camel makes a “why not?” expression and takes it into his lips. The cowboy lights it. The two nod at one another in a show of mutual respect as the camera rotates to silhouette the pair against the setting sun.

FAde Out:

The End

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