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Some more optimization




Here is the latest build. The physics are a bit refined, and the GUI is pretty damned close to how I intend. I have a number of new objects prettied up, and I’m continuing to refine the modeling. New transformer is nearly complete.


Latest version. Speedo display being coded. Need render textures to be able to really get what I need. Getting there, though.


Rotation issue solved!


Be sure to right click on the Unity Web Player and select “Go Fullscreen” or you won’t be able to see the menu option buttons.

Car Race Mini-game Prototype – in addition to the velocity/boost update last week, now the throttle response has been further lowered, and instead of using the spacebar as a brake, a small amount of braking is applied whenever the vertical input is dropped. This seems to be helping tremendously. Further, the track geometry has been improved, and a tire physics material was added with the hope of having collisions with the track a bit less of a pain.

There are a number of other elements that I tried to incorporate, but I have been running into a lot of strange issues with things as simple as GUItexts not wanting to cooperate to give a start countdown. I still can’t seem to figure out what the hell is going on with the stupid checkpoint rotations, either. I can certainly manually go in and give a proper rotation for each checkpoint, but obviously, that is not an ideal way to handle things.

Anyway, here it is. Please play and give me some extra feedback.

Car Race Mini-game Prototype Super Update!

Car Race Mini-game Prototype new version

Circus Game

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